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Table of Contents

Installing SchoolAdmin

Login into SchoolAdmin

Open Mozilla Firefox browser and type the below url, SchoolAdmin login page will be displayed as shown below.

SchoolAdmin Administrator Guide

  • Defining School Settings
    • Changing User Interface ThemesClick on Themes tab. You will see the below window.
    • Creating SettingsMove Mouse Pointer on Options in Header menu of the SchoolAdmin EVD
    • Customising the NamingTo give a different naming for School Name, Grade Name, Section Name and Student Number Name, Choose Options -> Settings -> Customizable Naming Settings.
    • EMAIL Settings 
    • Salary Settings Salary settings is customizable  as per the requirement of the School Pay scale. We have consider one of the  sample pay scale format .
      • Salary DetailsStaff salary details like FA, Advance Taken has to be entered in the Staff salary details. This data will be pulled to Salary payment menu, on salary amount obtained depending on total working and present days these amount will be deducted/added/only displayed.
      • Salary PaymentSalary payment will be done on Month and Total working days.
      • Salary Report
      • Salary Sample Format
    • Setting Global ConfigurationDefault Settings is used for setting up the module display as required by your school requirement. You can set up,
    • SettingsIn SETTINGS you can make the global settings such as entering school details, bank details and creating academic year.
    • SMS SettingsFor sending the SMS using the software regarding fee payment, birthday wishes, fee due details and custom messages configuration is done here.
    • Switch Academic Year 
  • Creating Users and Roles
    • Changing PasswordMove the mouse pointer on Options. You will see below option list
    • Logging in as CashierTo work as Cashier in SchoolAdmin Standard EVD, you must have user name and password created for you by the administrator. And that login must have ROLE_CASHIER set.
    • Logging in as ClerkTo work as Clerk in SchoolAdmin Standard EVD, you must have user name and password created for you by the administrator. And that login must have ROLE_CLERK set.
    • Logging in as ManagerTo work as Manager in SchoolAdmin Standard EVD, you must have user name and password created for you by the administrator. And that login must have ROLE_MANAGER set.
    • Logging in as ReadonlyTo work as Manager in SchoolAdmin Standard EVD, you must have user name and password created for you by the administrator. And that login must have ROLE_READONLY  set.
    • Logging in as SuperuserTo work as Manager in SchoolAdmin Standard EVD, you must have user name and password created for you by the administrator. And that login must have ROLE_SUPERUSER set.
    • Working in Teacher LoginTo work as Teacher in SchoolAdmin Standard EVD, you must have user name and password created for you by the administrator. And that login must have ROLE_TEACHER set.
  • Working with Master Settings 
    • Creating Caste
    • Creating Caste Category
    • Creating ClassStep 1: Goto Masters , Click on Class menu
    • Creating Class SubjectsStep 1: Goto Masters , Click on Class Subjects menu
    • Creating Fee AmountsGoto Masters , Click on Fee Amount menu
    • Creating FeesFees are just the Names of the Fee Receipt particulars, which you must define in the Fee's Masters menu. For example, In your School, if three different receipts are issued as shown in this sample Fee structure which has three receipts (Groups) i.e., Annual, Monthly and Term based on the payment mode, Annual receipt has three Fees Computer Fee, Management Fee, Special Development Fee, Monthly Receipt has one Component Tution Fee and Term receipt has Term Fee.
    • Creating Fees GroupGoto Masters , Click on Fee Group menu
    • Creating Fee SlabsKV Configuration in SchoolAdmin helps you create slab based fees and associate them to the individual students. For example, In your school the fee receipt components are different for New Admission Students and Re Admission Students ( existing students), then you can create such slabs under KV configuration menu under Regular Fee slabs.
    • Creating SectionStep 1: Goto Masters , Click on Section menu
    • Creating SubjectStep 1: Goto Masters, Click on Subject menu
    • Using Fee Group TypeAnnual
    • Adding Other Income and ExpensesACCOUNT HEAD
    • AssignmentAssignment is used to assign assignment to students. We can assign it class wise by mentioning the Start date and Submit Date.
      • Assignment ReportThe assignment which you assign to student you can check the report of that assign by clicking on:-
    • DairyDairy is like a Day book record which you can store daily record of the student.
      • Dairy ReportWe can check the dairy report by clicking on :-
    • DefaultersDefaulters is used to add the name of the student who are regularly not following the rules of the school.
  • Working with Student Information
  • Managing Employee Details 
  • Defining Fee Structure
    • Creating Annual Fee Structure with Partial PaymentCreating Annual Fee Structure with example
    • Creating Installment / Term based Fee StructureIn this example, There are two types of fees; they are Regular Fee/Management Fee and Total Fee. Student can pay fee either in Regular Fee/Management Fee in 4 installments or Total Fee (one time payment)regular  Fee/Management Fee contains different fees such as Special Development Fund, tuition, computer etc., Total Fee can be paid as total installment fee or total management  fee. For grades I to IV STD and V to VII STD, there is a separate fee called Special Fee (SPEC FEE). In Special Fee, th
    • Creating Monthly Fee structureCreate Fee Name
    • Creating Transprtation Fee StructureMarvelSoft SchoolAdmin provides easier way of defining Schools Transport Fee Structure. Each School has its own Transport Fee Structure. Transport Fee can be paid monthly.
  • Working With Menus
  • Inventory ManagementIn SchoolAdmin  you can manage Inventory of your school ,You can see the Inventory Module as shown in the below window.
    • Create Material CategoryFirst you need to categorise material  based on Group example Books,Stationary,Notebooks etc.., so that you can add more than one material under respective Material Category.
    • Create MaterialOnce you add Material Category,you can add multiple Material under same Material Category.
    • Update Material StockOnce you add Material,you can add Stock for that material.
    • Create Material GroupHere you need to Create a Material Group to make payment in FeePayment.
    • Material Fee PaymentOnce you done with creating Inventory.Now you ready to make payment.
  • Transport ManagementIf you’re manually planning your school bus routing schedules, there’s no way for you to be fully confident that the data you’re seeing is accurate and up-to-date. When disparate systems house your important student and driver data, the daily management of your school bus routes is, in a word, stressful.
    • Creating Transport VehicleIn Transport Vehicle user can distinguish which are the buses goes Morning / Evening / Both. This separation is done keeping in account that school may wish to categories which are the passengers travel only in Morning / Evening / Both times. And in case of break down of vehicle, the user can assign alternate bus to pick / drop the passenger. This intimation can be sent to Parents & Staffs  through SMS.
    • Creating Transport RouteIn Transport Route user will be able to define which transport vehicle will go to which route and time of pick / drop.
    • Assign Vehicle to Student and StaffIn this module the user can assign which Transport Vehicle the student or staff goes in Morning / Evening / Both.
    • Transport Manager ReportsGenerate Transport Reports , to track  who are student / staff  are traveling in which Vehicle.
  • Activity Manager
    • Creating Activity GroupActivity Management is used for managing events conducted in the school. This feature will help the user to co-ordinate among the activity groups formed for an event. Like School Day, Sports Day, Fest, Quiz competition , partially can manage hostel [Grouping of students under rooms and send any intimation to parents or students through sms]....  etc. This will enable the user to interact with the participants [students and staff] through SMS and can track / file up  the participants details wrt
    • Student Activity ManagerIn this module the user can assign student to which activity they belong to.
    • Staff Activity ManagerIn this module the user can assign staff to which activity they belong to.
    • View ActivityReports can be generated for the Activity grouped. This reports will be used for tracking events. Filing up yearly data , Report of students in hostel etc.
    • Creating ActivityActivity are sub categories/events/rooms which are grouped under main Activity Group.
  • Grading System
    • Exam ConfigurationExam configuration is a global setting done for the respective academic year. It is used to configure number of tests and terms of your school, where you can configure how many test/term school will conduct in current academic session. Along with configuring the test and term, user can take the combination aggregate of test and term and arise at the total score after each term exam and final/ overall grade. The configuration menu does not restrict different school's in configuring respective aca
    • Subject CategorySubject Category is used for grouping the subjects into Scholastic subjects and co-scholastic subjects. This grouping is helpful when we are generating the consolidated report card. The scholastic subjects will be displayed first (ORDER ID for scholastic subjects should be less than the ORDER ID for the co-scholastic subjects). Based on the ORDER ID - order of the subjects in the report card is derived.
    • Marks GradesMARKS GRADE
    • Grade GroupGrade group module is used to categorize grades into different groups. From this you can define different grade groups for different classes.
    • Grade Group ClassesThis section is used to assign grade group to classes & subjects. It helps to display grades for particular subjects and classes at the time of marks/grades entry in the Subject Marks menu.
    • Descriptive IndicatorDescriptive Indicator section is use for only Part B Subjects to describe specific information about particular subject as per their grades.Here you can add indicator with short name and sorting order as per serial number.
    • Subject MarksSUBJECT MARKS is used to enter the marks scored by the students of a class in all the subjects. You enter the marks subject wise (Part A and Part B) for any test (FA) or term (SA) at a particular instance. This section is also used to display marks obtained by the student in all the subjects in any selected test / term.
    • RemarksResult Comments:
    • Hall Ticket"Hall Ticket" helps you to assign Term or Test Time Tables of subjects for different classes. 
    • Generate Student Report CardGenerate Student Report Card helps you to generate report card for particular student of Term(SA) or Test (FA).
    • Consolidated Student Report CardConsolidated report card helps you to generate the overall grades scored by a particular student in all the subjects by consolidating all the tests and term marks.
    • Consolidated Marks Report CardIt helps you to generate marks report card of Part A Subjects for every student in a class and section as per Term(SA) or Test (FA) wise.
    • Marks Grade Wise ReportIt helps you to generate report of Term(SA) and Test(FA) for each and every student in a single class and section with overall marks grade wise of Term(SA) and Test (SA).
    • Generate Hall TicketGenerate hall ticket menu assists you in generating the hall ticket for a selected test (FA) / term (SA).
    • Class Wise Report CardIt helps you to generate report card of Term (SA) and Test(FA) of each and every students for single class in one file.
    • Report Card Entry
    • State Report Card
  • Adding New Students to Next Academic Year from the Current Academic Year.How to Add New Student(s) to Next Academic Year?
  • Parents MenuParent menu is used to convey the message or information related to child or school to parents. Under parents menu we have options like:-
    • EventsIf there is any event in the school and you want to inform the parents. You  can tell through Event menu. To open this menu click on :-
    • FeedbackFeedback is used by the parents to send the school or student feedback to the school. To open the feeback they can click on
    • Issue Parents LoginIssue Parents Login means creating login credential  for parents. They can login into the software and view the details related to their child.
    • Notice BoardNotice Board is used to display the information to the class. You can provide general information to the complete class. To open Notice Board click on:-
  • Admin Master
    • Accounts PaymentACCOUNT PAYMENT
    • Cash Master
      • AccountsIn this module you can get the details of school's other income and expenses.
      • Balance SheetBalance sheet contains the data that will include the collection and expense done in the particular dates which you have selected.
      • Day BookDay book is a module in which you can check that how much income and how much is the expense done. Even you will also get a closing balance.
      • Expense Payment SummaryIn this module you can get a record of all the expenses done by your school in the dates selected.
      • Fee Payment on Fee GroupIn this module you will get a fee collection detail as per the Fee Group wise.
      • Fee PaymentsFee Payment is a module in which you can check the collection of fees by selecting the Start date and End Date. You can also check the collection of fees class wise.
      • Fee Payment SummaryIn this module you can get details like for which fees how much total amount school has collected in the particular dates.
      • User Fee Payment DetailsUser Fee Payment Details show the the collection of fees done by the users for whom you have given the authority to collect the fees.
    • Fee Due DetailsHow to generate Fee Due Details?
    • Fee PaymentMaking Monthly Fee payment
    • Fee Payment ReconcileFee Payment Reconcile is used to enter the cheque status. Some student does payment through cheque so this module help us to track that what is the current status of the cheque.
      • Application ReconcileApplication Reconcile means application students which do payment through cheque, so you can change the cheque status whether it is cleared or pending or bounced.
    • Fee Payment RegisterFee Payment register is a module in which you will get information class wise that  what is student total fees, how much is paid and how much is the balance. To open this module Goto
      • Fee Group Payment RegisterIn this module you can check the received fee payment and dues payment as per the Fee- Group wise. To open this 
    • Working with Staff detail 
      • Adding Staff Salary DetailsOnce you added the staff, you can also add the salary details. To add Salary details click on
      • Creating Staff RecordIf you want to add the staff of yourschool in the software then you can add it by clicking on
  • Deleted Fee PaymentIn this module you will get a detail of the deleted fees. Suppose you have any wrong payment and deleted it then you can check it in this module then which payment are deleted.
  • Attendance Mangement 
  • Student ReportsStudent report is related to student information. Whatever details you need related to student we can check it in this reports section. Let check how many reports are there and how it looks.
    • Admission FormAdmission form can be issued to student at the time of admission. It contains all the information related to student. 
    • Birthday ReportBirthday report is used to check the month wise birthday report of students.
    • Bonafide CertificateBonafide Certificate is issued as a proof that an individual belong to our school.
    • Fully Paid StudentFully Paid student report display only those student who have paid the complete fee whether it is monthly or annually. It is used to check that which student has paid the complete fee and which student has not paid the fees at the end of academic year.
    • No Due CertificateNo due certificate is issued to those student for whom the complete fees is paid. 
    • Performa Study CertificatePerforma Study Certificate is can be issued once the student is leaving the school. This certificate contains the personnel details related to student.
    • Regular Study CertificateUser can generate Regular Study Certificate on the request from student at the time of leaving school.
    • Student ID CardStudent ID card is used to generate the ID card directly from the software.
    • Student Leaving CertificateStudent leaving certificate is used when the student is leaving from the school.
    • Student Report Student Report displays the class wise complete student information. If you want to check detailed information of all the students of a class then you can use this report.
    • Student Search By ReportIf you want to search student wrt to place of birth,DOB, caste then you can check this report.
    • Study Cum Conduct CertificateUser can generate Study Cum Conduct Certificate on the request from student at the time of leaving school.
    • TC ReportTC report is used to check the list of students in all the classes who have taken the transfer certificate.
    • Transfer CertificateTransfer Certificate is used to generate the TC for a student.

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